About GPA

Students who attend Game Plan Academy are nominated by their high school football coaches. Nominated students complete a simple application that includes an essay, and the GPA admissions committee selects students who appear dedicated to academic, personal and athletic development. GPA enrolls between forty and fifty student-athletes of sophomore and junior grade levels for each program.

The Game Plan:

Through this rigorous and challenging four week academy, student-athletes will receive mentorship and coaching in football, academics, and college preparation in a small, warm, and positive learning environment.

Student-athletes will also listen to speakers who will provide them with advice and tips, as well as inspire them to pursue their athletic, academic, and personal goals.


Students will be divided into groups, based on what position they wish to practice. They will be guided in football drills, trained to improve their skills and conditioning, and will view football film to review their performances. Students will leave the camp knowing that they have mentors in the community that can help them grow in their athletic endeavors.


The academic portion of GPA will focus on helping students prepare for the next level of their educations. The first goal is to improve test-taking skills, so that students are more competitive in the college admissions process. Students will meet in the classroom for one and a half hours each week to practice math, verbal, and writing skills. They will learn particular techniques for mastering standardized tests and for expressing themselves through writing.

The second goal is to increase students’ awareness of their college options and

promote higher education as a key to success in life. The college counseling

component will consist of making students aware of opportunities to receive financial

aid, helping them learn about how to become a student-athlete in college, and moving

them to start thinking about ways to develop personally and academically by seeking

out educational opportunities inside and outside of the school setting. Students will leave the program with a better idea of their academic interests and a clearer understanding of what it takes to prepare for college. The final goal will be to give students access to academic mentors in their community.

GPA concluded Spring 2010 camps successfully in Sacramento and Compton, CA. Stay tuned for future GPA program news!

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